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We help you to give a better future

to your Country and it’s People.

Services for Sovereign States and Institutional Investors

Crédit Privé is positioning itself alongside Public Institutions and Institutional Investors with a wide range of dedicated services. All suitable for responding to the multiple and often complex needs inherent with their public role.

Dedicated are divided into two distinct segments: "Public States Services" and "Institutional Investor Services" which, even if they may be complementary or even coinciding, pursue goals and developments according to often very different temporal optics.



The first segment includes, for example, the following services:


  • Advisory to the Sovereigns States and organization of  the Project Finance for large public infrastructural projects;

  • Financial assessment of specific projects;

  • Assistance to Public Authorities in international research of the most suitable companies or consortium for the realization of public infrastructures or the delivery of the required assets; 

  • Arrangement of underwriting syndicate for the public or private placement of bonds and/or equity instruments;


  • Tactical and Strategic Portfolio Assets Allocation and Treasury Planning and the advisory services in the selection of Hedge Funds and Funds;

Crédit Privé “Strategic Services” area is thought and realized with the objective to help the Institutional Investor in all the sensible and delicate phases of its activity at the start-up phase. The same objective is the structuring of new business area or department. A set of well-established and efficient operative partnerships with a first quality lawyer firms and independent international engineering companies operating in the information technology warrants a quality and swiftness of services.

In the area “Strategic Services” these are examples, of our specialities:

  • Financial evaluation of  companies or specific projects;

  • Identification of financials or industrial partners;

  • Bonds and Equity private placements;

  • Merger & Acquisition Advisory;


  • Arrangement of SICAV, Investment Funds and Hedge Funds in the various different types and domiciliation; 


  • Internal organization of the company, the writing or implementation of the internal procedures; 


  • Advisory and arrangement of the underwriting syndicate for the placement of bonds or syndicate loans;


  • “Check Up” of the company’s efficiency and of its IT department;


  • Arrangement of the Global Treasury Department and the advisory in the selection of the correspondents banks and of the depositaries;


  • Portfolio’s Risk Analysis  and Risk s Monitoring (Real Estate, Equity; Bond, Monetary).

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