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Special Services


Special Services:

a tailored world of solutions created for you.

Special Services

Crédit Privé acts as a single point of contact, and offers qualified services for identification and evaluation, this means as example, that if you decided to establish your activity in Switzerland, Crédit Privé would be able to give you full assistance, and this: "key in hand". Following, some example of what we can do for you:

  • A preliminary check up to verify if it’s for you convenient and/or possible to realize your relocation idea;

  • To start all the necessary negotiation with the Swiss fiscal and administrative authorities;

  • To arrange the articles of association of your new Swiss Company, to open bank account and arrange with the notary every required feature in order to establish your Newco;


  • To find the offices to buy or to rent that your Swiss Newco needs;


  • To search and select the employers that your Newco needs; .

  • To assist the Newco during its start-up (accountancy, organization, patent and trademark registrations, insurances, etc.);.

  • To assist you and your family in the process of obtaining the Swiss Residence Permits;.

  • To search the home that you want to buy or to rent in Switzerland; .

  • To assist you and your family in the choosing of the better personal insurances solutions; .

  • To assist you and your family in the choosing of the better school in Switzerland for your children. .


Those aren’t the only solutions that Crédit Privé can offer to you. We are able to act in many countries of the world and to give to our top clients all the necessaries information to make the right choice. For your review and upon request, we have drafted many analysis on specific countries and arguments such as:

  • Informative Guide - to Doing Business in Switzerland and Canton Ticino;

  • Informative Guide - to Doing Business in Bulgaria;

  • Taxation and Investment in Switzerland - Information and technical solutions;


  • The Main Low Taxation Jurisdictions - Information and technical solutions


  • Comparison Between European Holding Company Regimes - Information and technical solutions.

Crédit Privé can offer to you all these services with predetermined and transparent fees, including those of third party professionals, to enable you to budget accordingly and avoid unpleasant surprise.

We look forward to be your long lasting partner.


Please contact us if you want to know more about our special services.

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