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Who is the FINMA? 


FINMA - an independent supervisory authority


Headquartered in Berne, the supervisory authority FINMA is responsible for supervising the Swiss financial market. Its activities are based on the Financial Market Supervision Act.

In Switzerland FINMA oversees banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges, securities dealers, collective investment schemes, their asset managers and fund management companies, as well as distributors and insurance intermediaries.

FINMA promotes the protection of creditors, investors and insured persons and ensures the general functioning of the financial markets.



What means to be regulated by FINMA?

What meant to be regulated by FINMA?


Till the entry into force of the LIsFI law Crédit Privé was regulated by FINMA

Being regulated by FINMA means:


  • obligation to document the decisional procedures


  • separation of tasks


  • duplication of functions (back-up person)


  • compliance


  • external audit entrusted to an audit society qualified on the FINMA standard




The audit ensures that:


  •  the accounting rules and the anti-laundering good practices have to be respected


  • the guidelines imposed by the FINMA regarding the company structure have to be respected and a documented work flow has to be constantly applied.


The auditor is obliged to inform immediately FINMA of any deficiency.

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